[KINDUS 2ND FACTORY] Poly urethane metal sandwich panel

Poly urethane metal sandwich panel

Good day!

In this time, I’ll show you two buildings composed of our Poly urethane metal sandwich panel


We provide our products to the client in Ulsan, Korea.


Poly urethane metal sandwich panel


They built a middle school with our urethane metal sandwich panel and also using flat metal sandwich panel.


It seems very sophisticate due to a clear appearance of our metal sandwich panel.


PU metal sandwich panel


Besides, the strongest point of this product is various color and they used this point smartly.


Consequently, they made a school of enjoyable mood for kids.


Poly urethane metal sandwich panel


We also provide our metal sandwich panel to Gangneung, Korea.


You can see our poly urethane metal sandwich panel through photos



You can make not only flat but curved surface with polyurethane metal sandwich panel.


Its balance of flat and curved shape gives very stable feeling.


You can also build these neat and modern building with our various sandwich panels.


KINDUS & PANELTECH,  we provide various types of sandwich panel to domestic and global market.


Please feel free to contact if you have any question.


  1. Tim Plett Reply

    hi I am interested in a sandwich panel system for roof and wall application. I am looking for poly urethane double continuous roll forming sandwich panel.

    • kindusadmin Reply

      Dear Mr.Tim Plett,

      Thank you for your interest about KINDUS and sorry for our late reply.

      For our further discussion, if you send me an inquiry through e-mail([email protected]), it will be appreciated. 🙂

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