PIR metal sandwich panel

  PIR metal sandwich panel manufacturer in Korea We supplied our PIR metal sandwich panels to client in Seoul, Korea. The proper combination of various urethane sandwich panels creates modern looked exhibit hall.     The contrast effect from silver and brown color makes this building look more sophisticated.     We also provide our metal sandwich panel to site for building a beverage factory
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Export PIR secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel to Vietnam

Export PIR secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel to Vietnam Good day!   Yesterday, we exported our PIR secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel to a client in Vietnam.       These photos shows our products, PIR secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel, waiting for being loaded on container.   We provided two different width sandwich panel 50mm, 75mm in this time.       We pay attention to pac
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Polyurethane secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel

Polyurethane secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel   Good day!   Today, I’m bring news of our polyurethane secret fix wall(FF) sandwich panel and polyurethane metal secret fix wall sandwich panel.     It seems like Lego block building!   You can make sophisticated and strong building easily with our urethane and metal secret fix wall(50T) sandwich panel.     Keep neat surface and moder
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What is a urethane sandwich panel

Same as the word, urethane sandwich panel uses urethane foam as core material.   It has v0.020W/m*k low heat conductivity and this is half of glass wool and EPS sandwich panel.   Also, poly urethane sandwich panel can be used various construction because it is strong and can be connected perfectly.   • Superior resilience Due to its’ superior resilience, there are not expansion & shrinkage by heat
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PU secret fix wall(50RS) sandwich panel

Today, we will show you our fire-retardant sandwich panel(secret fix type) and roof sandwich panel.   We provided these products to Jisan-ri, Bo-eun-eup, Korea     They used fire-retardant sandwich panels(secret fixed type) as outside of building and selected zinc black color broadly used in housing and shopping mall.     50RS sandwich panels are also broadly used in factory and storage room.
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Export Polyurethane wall sandwich panel to Vietnam

Today, we want to introduce our polyurethane wall sandwich panel exported to Vietnam on January 2th, 2018.   Many sandwich panels made in Korea have been exported to East Asia, and also our products take great part of it.       You can see polyurethane sandwich panels stacked on storage yard through these two photos.   These sandwich panels are going to be packed soon.       Af
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