KINDUS is Spurring the New Project

All of KINDUS staff have been dedicating to manufacture the production line which to satisfy our client’s expectations perfectly. ‘ ‘ Our team is reviewing and discussing project drawing countless times, and the lights at the production site are not turned off easily like our team&
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KINDUS’ New Projects in South America

Despite the recent global economic market stagnation due to COVID-19, KINDUS, we are currently working on several South American projects. ‘ ‘ We believe this project will be a good bridgehead for securing the South American market. ‘ ‘ As a leading sandwich panel production
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Against COVID-19

Although the world is in a hard situation due to COVID-19, KINDUS, we keep trying to overcome this period. ‘ Today, we’ve finished the meeting with our foreign client via video call regarding our new project ! ‘ We believe that all of us can overcome this virus and return to our no
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Continuous PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line by KINDUS

KINDUS, as we are one of the leading machinery manufacturer for various kinds of metal working industry, in case of  ‘Continuous PU/PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line’, we have more than 60% of domestic market share at this moment and already had supplied our machinery to several countri
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Export 50mm PIR sandwich panel to Mexico

50mm PIR sandwich panels for exporting to Mexico ! ‘ Recently, requests for KINDUS products have been increased from overseas clients. ‘ ‘ KINDUS, we are doing the best to satisfy our valuable clients who find our products. ‘ You can always contact us anytime ! ‘
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(KINDUS) Continuous Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Russia by KINDUS in 2018[20181102]

Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Russia – 2018

Our Mineral-wool sandwich panel production line project 2018 in Novosibirsk ! ` They choose 30m length of double belt conveyor instead laminating roller system. ` We still always remember their kindness and professional cooperation. ` We want to share their promotional video link same as below; ` `
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(KINDUS) LEB Line for Iraq by KINDUS in 2018[20180727]

Light weight pre-Engineering Beam(LEB) system for Iraq – 2018

Light weight pre-Engineering Beam(LEB) system in Iraq
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(KINDUS) Continuous PU,PIR & Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Korea by KINDUS in 2019[20191118]

The biggest sandwich panel production line project in S.Korea.

Few months ago, we finished a project for 3 sandwich panel production lines successfully. ‘ – Two continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production lines – One mineral-wool sandwich panel production line ‘ We’ve never seen other projects same as this size so far, and we think
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Expanded polystyrene roof sandwich panel(C45, TB)

– KINDUS EPS sandwich panel – Gympo, Gyeonggi-do, Korea – – EPS C45, TB types are used – – – Please contact us anytime ! – KINDUS & PANELTECH, we provide various types of sandwich panel to domestic and global markets. –
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21m length PIR roof sandwich panel

Today, we’d like to show you some special sandwich panel export.   It is a long sandwich panel that is popular in Korea these days.     Especially, the length of this panel is 21m, which is difficult to produce and requires careful attention during transportation and constructio
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