Export 50mm PIR sandwich panel to Mexico

50mm PIR sandwich panels for exporting to Mexico ! ‘ Recently, requests for KINDUS products have been increased from overseas clients. ‘ ‘ KINDUS, we are doing the best to satisfy our valuable clients who find our products. ‘ You can always contact us anytime ! ‘
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(KINDUS) Continuous Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Russia by KINDUS in 2018[20181102]

Mineral-wool Sandwich Panel Production Line for Russia – 2018

Our Mineral-wool sandwich panel production line project 2018 in Novosibirsk ! ` They choose 30m length of double belt conveyor instead laminating roller system. ` We still always remember their kindness and professional cooperation. ` We want to share their promotional video link same as below; ` `
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PIR metal sandwich panel

  PIR metal sandwich panel manufacturer in Korea We supplied our PIR metal sandwich panels to client in Seoul, Korea. The proper combination of various urethane sandwich panels creates modern looked exhibit hall.     The contrast effect from silver and brown color makes this building look more sophisticated.     We also provide our metal sandwich panel to site for building a beverage factory
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Glasswool metal secret fix wall sandwich panel

Glasswool metal sandwich panel Good day to you!   We provided our glasswool metal sandwich panel to a client in Gyeongbuk, Korea.     Due to its’ low price & neat image, many clients prefer to use metal our metal sandwich panel.     By mixing gray & dark gray metal sandwich panel well and they made modern building well.   KINDUS & PANELTECH, we provide various types of
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Urethane metal secret fix wall sandwich panel

Urethane metal secret fix wall sandwich panel   Good day!   In this time, we want to show you our urethane metal secret fix wall sandwich panel provided to our client in Chang-won, Korea.     Their building looks more broadly due to its’ white color and they also emphasize some points by using dark gray color.     Also, they used orange color metal sandwich panel to avoid monotonou
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meta-panel (1)

What is a Metal sandwich panel?

Metal sandwich panel? Did you heard about Metal sandwich panel?   Metal sandwich panel is large flat type of 4 side-bended exterior insulation panel and finishes its’ joints by gasket closing.   Moreover, this products can solves a pollution form silicon caulking.     • Simple & luxury interior     • Keep clean surface anytime     • Fundamental solution of corrosion &
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Urethane roof (TS) sandwich panel

Good day!   Today’s products are urethane roof (PTS) sandwich panel and urethane wall sandwich panel sold to our client in Taebaek-si, Gangwon-do, Korea.     They finished foundation work using urethane wall sandwich panels first and covered their roof with urethane roof sandwich panels.       Brown urethane roof sandwich panels are matched up well with color of urethane wall sandwich pa
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What is a urethane sandwich panel

Same as the word, urethane sandwich panel uses urethane foam as core material.   It has v0.020W/m*k low heat conductivity and this is half of glass wool and EPS sandwich panel.   Also, poly urethane sandwich panel can be used various construction because it is strong and can be connected perfectly.   • Superior resilience Due to its’ superior resilience, there are not expansion & shrinkage by heat
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What is a Glass wool sandwich panel?

Glass-wool sandwich panels are used for various purposes, such as the inside walls of a building, outer walls, ships, household appliances, etc.   They also have superior insulate property, sound absorption.   Our glass-wool sandwich panels are non-combustible and fire-retardant. Also, there are no toxic gas in a fire, reducing the damage.   • Excellent nonflammable performance Glass wool is incombusti
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